Example of Fuel Savings

You have 100,000 yd³ of embankment material to compact.

A Caterpillar 815 can do 616 yd³/hour (4-passes) (4mph) (6-inch lifts) *

An IMPACTOR 2000 can do 2,600 yd³/hour (4-passes) (7mph) (6-inch lifts) Yes the Impactor 2000 can do thicker lifts. We'll get to that in a second.

The Caterpillar 815 will take 162-hours to do the job.

The IMPACTOR 2000 will take 39-hours to do the job.

The Caterpillar 815 takes about 10-gallons of fuel per hour.

The IMPACTOR 2000 takes about 6-gallons of fuel per hour. (Being towed by a John Deere 4840)

Caterpillar 815 = 162-hours x 10-gallons = 1,620 gallons fuel/hour to accomplish the job.

IMPACTOR 2000 = 39-hours x 6-gallons = 234 gallons fuel/hour to accomplish the job.

DIFFERENCE: The IMPACTOR 2000 uses 1,386 fewer gallons than the Caterpillar 815.

Note: The above was calculated with the Impactor 2000 compacting 6" lifts. Often the Impactor 2000 may produce the required results while compacting 24-inches or more at a time. In this case the job could be completed in as few as 10-hours. In which case the fuel saving may be as high as 1,561 gallons for this job.

* Caterpillar Performance Handbook, Edition 21, Chapter 11, Page 12


Example of Operator Savings

In the example shown above, the job may be performed by the IMPACTOR 2000 in as little as 10
man-hours as opposed to the 162 man-hours required by the Caterpillar 815.

DIFFERENCE: The IMPACTOR 2000 requires 152 fewer man-hours than the Caterpillar 815. Multiply that times you're operator's wage.

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